noun Computing a program that searches for and deletes email messages originating from specified addresses.

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  • Cancelbot —   [Abk. für Cancel Robot, dt. »Löscheinheit«] der, ein in Newsgroups eingesetztes Hilfsprogramm (ein sog. Roboter), das Beiträge nach bestimmten Kriterien durchsucht und automatisch löscht. Ein Cancelbot dient v. a. dazu, unerwünschte Nachrichten …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Cancelbot — A cancelbot is an automated or semi automated process for sending out third party cancel messages over Usenet, commonly as a stopgap measure to combat spam [cite web | url= abuse faq.html#3.13 | coauthors =… …   Wikipedia

  • cancelbot — noun a bot that sends messages to Usenet newsgroups to remove certain postings, especially when used to remove spam …   Wiktionary

  • cancelbot — n. computer deletion program or bot that runs continually on an Internet server and cancels unwanted messages sent to an Internet newsgroup …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cancelbot — canˈcelbot noun A computer program that identifies and deletes unwanted articles sent to an Internet newsgroup • • • Main Entry: ↑cancel …   Useful english dictionary

  • Alt.religion.scientology — The newsgroup alt.religion.scientology (often abbreviated a.r.s or ARS) is a Usenet newsgroup started in 1991 to discuss the controversial beliefs of Scientology, as well as the Church of Scientology, which claims exclusive intellectual property… …   Wikipedia

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  • Newsgroup spam — is a type of spam where the targets are Usenet newsgroups. Spamming of Usenet newsgroups actually pre dates e mail spam. The first widely recognized Usenet spam (though not the most famous) was posted on 18 January 1994 by Clarence L. Thomas IV,… …   Wikipedia

  • Usenet death penalty — On Usenet, the Usenet Death Penalty (or UDP) is a final penalty that may be issued against Internet service providers or single users who produce too much spam or fail to adhere to Usenet standards. Messages that fall under the jurisdiction of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Dave the Resurrector — was a so called resurrector bot that responded to any attempts at canceling a message on the usenet newsgroup abuse by re posting the message.[1][2] It was written by Chris Lewis.[2] The bot is notable as once of the very first… …   Wikipedia